Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Game Box

Our final project for my graphics class was to create a PC Game box. The game either had to be made up or not released yet. I chose the TV Series Spartacus -- Blood and Sand for my project. At the time I picked it there was no video games for the show. Since then they have came out with a game for the Apple iPhone. That's where I got the in-game screen shots for the back cover.

This is the 11" X 17" template I used for my design. I had a small panic attack when Staples refused to print it because of Copyright issues. Fortunately I was able to get it printed and put together by other means.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fiction Photography II

I have a small show of pictures of War of War Craft Figures coming up for the month of June. The pictures will be on display at the Edison Community College Library. The Night Elf pictured here is one of two figures that will be featured in the display.

As with all new things I try with photography there are things I learn in the process. Here are some of the High Lights:

While a tripod is handy in the studio, for landscapes etc it is pretty much useless for this type of outdoor photography. I used a combination table top Tripod and Beanbags. The beanbags were the most helpful.

The best lighting is still Early Morning or Late Afternoon. These pictures were taken just over an hour before sunset.

Clean, Clean and Clean some more. These things have a habit of picking up dust and cobwebs that may not be all that apparent until your looking at it blown up on your monitor.

Bean Bags are HEAVY but portable. They fit easy in my bag but added a noticeable amount of weight. Not an issue this time as I did not have far to walk.

It was a fun shoot and I am looking forward to doing some more sessions.