Monday, March 23, 2009

Once Upon a Mattress

The Queen and the Sorcerer (My favorite of the bunch)

My son was in this years Anna High School 2009 production of Once Upon a Mattress. So I just had to take some pictures. I went two nights and was glad I did. The second nights pictures came out way better than the first. Mostly because I knew what lighting to expect and could also anticipate some of the action. No Flash photography was allowed so I got more bad shots than I did good. Trying to capture anything with a lot of motion without blur was nearly impossible. So when you see Blur in my pictures it''s because I wanted to use it to show motion.

One of the challenges in taking these pictures was trying to capture something other than people just standing or in an awkward position or facial expression. I took plenty of pictures of the Jester and Minstrel but only a few came out very well.

Besides the lighting the orchestra pit which was not sunken caused a lot of problems for anything that took place Center Stage. I really like this shot, with the exception of head poking up from the bottom. (My son Tyler is the one with the purple feather in his hat).

And of course every show has to have a Grand Finally.

I had a great time and got some neat pictures for my wife to scrapbook for Tyler. Most important I learned some more about my camera system and what works and does not work in low light.

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Jane G said...

Another great learning experience - your camera and low light. If you know you want to shoot a play, ask the director to allow a visit early in the last week of practice. By then they have/or are close to working out the lighting and you can get some shots without an audience etc then you would be better prepared for the actual performance (and the group may like to see some of the shots).