Monday, April 12, 2010

Key West (Off Beat)

I recently got to visit Key West Florida with my wife. Of course I took all the standard tourist shots, but thought I'd post something a little different here. Pictured here is a Bronze sculpture of the Sun and Moon that I really liked. If I were rich I would have shipped this baby home, but all I could afford was to take its picture. I tweaked the colors and made the collage effect to make it more of my own.

I am reading a book by Bryan Peterson "Understanding Shutter Speed". I wanted to practice some of the slow shutter techniques he covered in the book but didn't have a 4 stop ND filter to slow my shutter down enough. So I had to do a little creative adjustment in PhotoShop to get the effect I was looking for in this shot.

I found what looked to be a sanctioned graffiti wall on my way to check out the piers. I took several shots of different artist work. This one titled "What About" was one of my favorites.

There was this guy on the dock cutting up what I think was bait. Occasionally he would throw a piece of scrap to this group of pelicans in the water. I thought it made for a comical composition. I call this one "Pelican Buffet".

This shot could of benefited from a polarizer but I was shooting with my 50mm and do not have one that fits that lens.

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