Friday, January 9, 2009

Road Side Finds

On a recent trip to Indiana to visit friends I came across these two road-side-finds. When I saw this painted statue of an Indian Chief, I was reminded about an article I had read about the man who created the famous Paul Bunyan figure.

I had no sooner related to my traveling companion how the maker of the Paul Bunyan figure had adapted him to sell all sorts of merchandise, when low and behold we come upon this. None other than Paul Bunyan himself sporting an ice cream cone. It is not hard to imagine where the axe would be sprouting out of his other hand.

I just love it when I find this stuff when I am out and about. There is a Web Site called Roadside America that is dedicated to such finds across the US. Check it out. It might lead you to some interesting finds of your own or at least provide you with possible picture diversions on your next trip.

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