Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wapakoneta (At Night)

I recently went to Wapakoneta to take some night pics of the Downtown Historical area. It was a chilly but fun shoot. The Wapa theater was one of the first thing to catch my eye. The exposure was a little tricky as I wanted to capture the face of the clock in the background. Without it looking like it was floating in space. A little trial and error (The beauty of shooting digital) and post processing and I think it came out pretty good. f/8, ISO 100 1/2 Sec. The only way I think I could have captured it better would be if I had took multiple exposures to capture both the shadow and highlights and converged them into a HDR photo.

I love the challenge of taking pictures at night. I still have a long way to go but I am fairly happy with my results. A star filter would have helped most of these shots and is on my wish list. These two buildings were at the opposite end from the theater.

I thought it looked best in Black and White. f/8, ISO 100, 3sec. I have found that when taking pictures at night that f/8 gives me good DOF without an extremly long exposure.

I tried the sepia tone filter on this one.

Here is a better shot of the building with the clock with St. Joseph in the background.

My favorite photo for the night was this one I took at the Neal Armstrong Space Museum.

I had to PhotoShop the upper right hand corner to remove the nasty orange glow of a nearby streat light. Shooting this at night really made the moon globe look well moonish and the snow on the sidewalk and globe was a nice effect too.

Another picture I liked real well from this series is the statue of Joseph playing with Jesus. This picture was taken next to St. Joseph's Church.

Like I said it was fun but cold. I left with plenty more pictures I could of taken, but my toes were starting to ache.

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