Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anna Homecoming with the Grandsons

As promised we took the four grandsons to the Anna Homecoming, Saturday evening. My wife and I have since decided to take them all at the same time next year.

The biggest ride at the event this year was the Rocko Plane. The Granddaughters which are older wouldn't ride it so I was surprised when the younger boys wanted to give it a try.

Much to my further surprise they rode it several more times. By the end of the night they had ridden every ride there.

This is Evan, and I won't tell you how many shots I took just trying to get one good pan of any of them. This isn't even much of a pan but it was the best of the bunch. I had a really nice one with an empty seat.

Avery and Austin sporting their Ohio State T's get a cool ride in the front car of the little roller coaster ride.

After a bit of panic of not being able to find Isaiah after he went into the Run-A-Muck play house, I found him inside, hiding in the ball pit. KIDS!

The ride the Tempest was one of their favorites too.

I thought this was a pretty cool night shot.

We had a great time but I must admit that Papaw and Nanna were a bit tuckered.

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