Saturday, June 20, 2009

Armstrong Air & Space Museum

I went to the Armstrong Air & Space Museum this weekend to take yet more pictures for My Hometown Ohio blog. These are the ones I don't plan on using for that blog.

Here's one from the outside. I tried to find a new angle to shoot from.

I found this display on Coke and Pepsi in space interesting.

This is what the inside of the Gemini capsule looks like.

This had to be my coolest shot for the day. They have this light and mirrored hallway to simulate starts and space you walk through to get to the theater.

For all the time I've lived in the area and drove past it on I75 I had never visited the museum until now. So it was a pretty neat experience for me. They have an upcoming event that I hope to make it back for called the Tri-County Field of Honor July 13-20.

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