Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jeff and Lisa's Wedding

"Hey Russ do you think you could help with a wedding this WEEKEND!? Uh I guess." That's how it started. Before the week was over I was the main photographer. At least it was a simple outdoor affair with a large gazebo.

Having shot several weddings in very poorly lit conditions in churches I was excited about not having to worry so much about the light. Of course Mr. Sun creates his own issues. I blew one shot completely do to too much sun.

The gazebo was a mixed blessing. It helped that I didn't have to deal with direct sunlight but also robbed me of quite a bit of light. I was forced to shoot at ISO 400.

Instead of a Unity Candle this couple opted for a clear vase with each family member pouring in a different texture of sand/stone mixture.

I thought this picture of the bouquet would make for a good background for like a photo book.

This shot was one that I overexposed the background (Not on Purpose). So I played around with it and just whited out the background. Not sure If I like it or not. It's also not in sharp focus.

Jeff and Lisa were a great couple and all and all it was a fun shoot.

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