Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Emily's Pink Hat

While vacationing in Pigeon Forge Tenn with our daughter and her family the grand-kids decided to do some go-kart ridding. Hannah was easy to spot because of her Pink Hat. Or should I say Emily's Pink Hat. The story differs on who you talk to on how Hannah ended up with Emily's pink hat but when Emily saw it she was not very happy.

Things went from bad to worse for Emily when the hat few off Hannah's head onto the track. Tyler who is my Son and Evan her younger brother, are surprised at the turn of events. I just caught the pink hat on their front bumper.

Hannah's 'WHAT! It's not my fault' gesture does not bode well with Emily.

In the end Emily is reunited with her less then pristine Pink Hat. The picture pretty much sums up her mood.

While the evidence is only circumstantial the instigator is believed to be non-other than Maddie (The older sister). Who Else!

I love pictures that tell a story. These were taken at night. I was struggling to get NON-Blurred pictures. I few of these are obviously not very sharp but were needed to complete the story.

I was using my Canon 100mm at f/2.8, ISO 800 and 125 shutter. I think the next time I would go for ISO 1600 and a faster shutter or a faster lens.

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