Sunday, August 23, 2009

Laurel Falls

Normally I find these types of signs overkill but in this case it was very true. While the entire path was paved you literally were walking on the edge of a cliff or extremely steep drop off.

While in the Smokey Mountains this was the one and only hike I took. My son Tyler went with me. The Laurel Falls trail was rated easy and was only 1.3 miles long. This was one of the views of the mountains from the trail.

When we reached the falls there were quite a few people there. The falls are divided into an upper and lower with the trail bringing you at the bottom of the upper falls. This was the best angle for the upper falls but includes people so I used a fast shutter.

Shooting straight on and trying to avoid people got me this shot. I wasn't all that thrilled with it.

I thought this one with Tyler came out okay. I had him stay real still and used a slow shutter for the falls.

There was no paved trail to the lower falls. In fact I would say there was no trail at all. Tyler and I managed to make our way to the bottom without breaking anything. There were only two other couples while we were there that braved the climb down and up.

Tyler and I had some fun on the way back.

Mom wasn't very happy with this one.

On the way back we stopped at an overlook and captured this view of Gatlinburg.

I would of loved to have spent more time in the mountains, and would like to go back when I can devote more time to exploring and taking pictures.

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