Monday, May 11, 2009

Black 13

I recently finished Stephen King's seven book Dark Tower Series. The books chronicles the travels of Roland the gunslinger and his pursuit of the Dark Tower. I must admit I was disappointed with the direction the series took after Stephen King's brush with death.

For this picture I used a crystal ball, The last book of the series,a black velvet background, Flash with softbox and flashlight. The shot was lit with a strobe with a softbox setup from behind. I used a long exposure and used the flashlight on the book and crystalball (Thats where that glob at the bottom came from). Those familiar with the series will appreciate the PhotoShop effect in the crystal ball the dreaded Black 13 representing the tower itslef. It was the most creative thing I could come up with to deal with the unwanted reflection in the ball.

For fun I tried a PhotoShop Poster Edge Filter. I actually like this.

This is far from perfect, but I always like it when my experiments comes out half decent. The lighting technique used is one I learned in the lighting class I took at Edison.

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