Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Walk in the Park

After dropping Tyler off for his drivers-education class, I decided to go to Tawawa Park and take some pictures.

You can't go to Tawawa Park and not take a picture of the covered bridge. I am not sure but if you have a camera, I am pretty sure it's mandatory. A couple of joggers helped me get a shot I didn't have in my growing collection.

I did find something exciting happening under the bridge. The sunlight was reflecting off of the water onto the supports. That's what you see pictured above. The background was so drab, I made it black and white.

It was a sunny late afternoon and plenty of folks had come to enjoy the park with their families and pets.

There never is a shortage of fisherman, but there always seems to be a shortage of fish. This is the same park that my Dad use to bring me fishing.

I found a few things in bloom on my walk along Benjamin Trail. This picture was the best of the lot. It's almost like the little fellow was just waiting for me to come and take his picture.

While this is not the most picturesque scene of running water, it was an opportunity for me to practice so I am better prepared for when I find a real nice waterfall. I had to use my highest fstop and polarizing filter to get a 1/4 of second exposure to get the dreamy water effect.

I took several pictures of pealing paint and rust on the playground equipment. This one is my favorite. The other ones were okay but I need to work on more DOF.

I'll close with my last picture of the day. The classic sunlit dandelion.

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