Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Impulse Baton & Dance Studio 2nd Annual Recital 2009

If there is one event that I simply dread from a photographic standpoint is my Granddaughters annual baton recital. The lighting is Gym Lighting and I am never happy with my results.

I snapped the above picture while I was working out my exposure settings. These aren't my Granddaughters but they are cute as a button. The little ones are always a treat to watch.

I absolutely hate taking pictures at ISO 800 but in the end I wanted more DOF so I went with that instead of ISO 400. Next year I hope to have a better lens. I used my Cannon 100mm f/2.8. It is my best lens but didn't quite have the reach I needed.

Emily and Hannah's number was called "Newsies". They were decked out in these cute costumes with berets, suspenders and ties.

Madeline got to perform twice in "Take a Chance" and a "Solo Number". Her costume for both numbers was more of the traditional style.

Afterwords I always take a few shots of the kids in their costumes and of course some with their friends. This time I got a keeper out of the bunch. This is the BW version but the color one isn't bad either. This ones going to hang on the wall and quite possibly show up in a show.

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