Monday, May 4, 2009

Pyramid Hill (Sculpture Park & Museum) I

"Pyramid Hill is an outdoor museum combining the lure of nature with the dynamic presence of monumental art." That's what the brochure says. While I may not be able to appreciate some of the sculptures as art, I can appreciate them for their photogenic qualities.

The bronze sculpture pictures here is called "The Gates" by John Hock. Most the pieces on display were abstract. This is one of the few that I really liked. The combination of lines, texture, color and shadows are what drew me to this piece. I would of like to have spent more time with it but it was the first one that I came upon and I didn't want to tarry too long with the whole park to explore.

Located not far from "The Gates" is the "Citizen" by Walter Driesbach. Driesbach says of the Citizen, "She has a voice in the community and a voice at large."

While I shot "The Gates" in the early morning it was early afternoon with I took this. In fact it was my last shot of the day. I am still working on my Color to Black and White conversions, but I think it came out okay. The last thing I did was boost the contrast because I thought it looked a little flat. It is also my favorite picture from the shoot.

The above sculpture is called "Abracadabra" by Alexander Liberman. The sculpture sits high upon a hill and I could see it from a pretty far distance. Once I walked up the hill, it just didn't look the same. It was an extremely large piece, and for me it best looked viewed whole. To get this shot I hiked to an opposing hill and took the picture from there with my telephoto lens.

Am going to break this into several post rather than one large one. So that's it for now.

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