Friday, May 22, 2009

Road Trip Rt. 66 and my Camera Phone

Well I must say, while it was an interesting trip, the pictures leave much to be desired. These pictures were taken with my Verizon LG Camera Phone. According to the the specs it has a 3.2 mega pixels digital camera. Yea, Right!

My son Tyler has his drivers permit and needs to log 50 hours before he takes the test for his license. We thought it would be cool to take OHIO St. Route 66 which starts in Piqua and ends just outside of Michigan.

This picture was taken through the windshield which didn't help quality wise. One of the problems with the camera phone is that it shoots at such a wide angle you have to be right on top of something like a road sign to get anything that remotely resembles a closeup. The phone was at it's best outdoors and plenty of light.

We didn't have a lot of time so we did not stop and take a lot of pictures along the way. This one of the War Memorial in Piqua was one of our rare stops.

This is the mandatory picture for every Road Trip. Tyler's looking pretty comfortable behind the wheel.

Okay so we come to the end of Rt. 66 and instead of jogging over and getting on St Rt 127 we just go straight. Sounded like a good idea, we were just going to get something to eat and come back. We started questioning our logic when we came to the Dirt Road!

Once it became evident that we were indeed in Michigan but still traveling dirt roads, we pulled out the GPS and politely asked it to steer us to the nearest place to eat. Which brought us to Grumbellies in Hudson.

Despite it's appearance and the fact that you can still smoke in restaurants in Michigan the food wasn't bad. We had no problem wolfing down our Cheeseburgers and generous portions of French Fries.

While in Hudson we had a little fun shopping in the antique stores. Here's Tyler doing his best Lincoln impersonation.

We took State Route 127 back and made good time. It was a fun trip and I learned somethings about my phone. Mostly that I wouldn't want to take a picture that I really wanted with it. And BTW Tyler and I both give Grumbellies a Thumbs Up.

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